39 Clues

September 3, 2008

So, is anyone in the “real world” hearing about the new 39 Clues series that launches September 9th with the book, Maze of Bones, by Rick Riordan?  I’ve been reading buzz about it for months, it’s being hailed as the next Harry Potter.  The series will have different authors, (Gordon Korman writes the second one, due out in December,) it will have an online game component, and it will have trading cards.  More info can be found at the website: www.39clues.com.  Oh, and Steven Spielberg is most likely directing the movie, release date to be announced.  FVRL has 12 holds on the book and 5 holds on the CD.  It will be interesting to watch this series and see if it lives up to the very high expectations placed on it.  I’d love to hear if people are getting questions and requests for this book and series.


2 Responses to “39 Clues”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Hi, Sarah

    Again, let me say that I really do appreciate your doing this blog. It’s nice for me to “know” someone whose job it is to pay attention to children’s lit.

    I have to say — the new 39 Clues might turn out to be fun and interesting and attractive, but it’s not the next Harry Potter if it’s being marketed this way. The thing I was most surprised (and delighted) with during the Harry Potter phenomenon was the news that the book stores stopped ordering any of the ancillary products because the stuff didn’t sell. The pint sized customers didn’t want games or trading cards or action figures – they wanted books.

    It will be interesting to watch and see if there is enough genuine content in 39 Clues to warrant approval by discriminating readers not yet tall enough for the dangerous rides.

  2. sarah Says:

    Thanks, Stephanie! And thanks for reading and commenting! I agree, I don’t think 39 Clues will be the “next Harry Potter.” It seems too planned and marketed. But it will be fun to watch! Let me how it goes over in Stevenson! sarah

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