Coming soon to a library near you…

October 30, 2008

A couple of new nonfiction books that caught my attention (and held it) as I walked by a cart of new books here at the annex:

How Strong is it? A Mighty Book About Strength by Ben Hillman.  Spiderwebs, ox, cars, lasers, this book describes how strong these things are in terms kids can understand, and uses pictures!  Did you know that wood is so strong that a single 4 inch square post of black locust wood could support your whole house??

100 Most Dangerous Things on the Planet by Anna Claybourne. What are your chances of surviving a fall into a volcano and what should you do if it happens?  What causes frogs to fall from the sky and what should you do if that happens?  Answers to these and many more interesting questions have you prepared for whatever natural disaster you might encounter!


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