Children’s Lit on NPR

December 2, 2008

Two stories on NPR’s Weekend Edition last week covered children’s books.

The first is a story on Jon Scieszka’s new memoir, Knuckleheads along with an interview with the author/national ambassador of children’s literature.  PLEASE keep this book in mind when kids come in looking for a biography or autobiography.  We have it in the J800s and so it might be missed. (I don’t determine what we classify as a biography, but local libraries do have it in the BIO section, so it should be fine for assignments.)

The second story is an interview with Dave Barry about his new book, Science Fair.  We have it in print and audio.  The interview takes place in a science classroom where they re-create some of the experiments from the book…like dropping Mentos candies into coke to create an explosion.


2 Responses to “Children’s Lit on NPR”

  1. Joan Holub Says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I love Jon’s Knucklehead! I could hardly believe the coincidence when his Knucklehead (singular) was released in October of this year–the same month as my Knuckleheads (plural). Mine’s a fractured fairy tale picture book of hand-characters with Chronicle and his is a memoir with Viking. It’s nice to know Jon and Joan think alike–I couldn’t think of a more talented author than Jon to be coincidencing with.

    • sarah Says:

      Hi Joan,
      We also have several copies of your Knuckleheads in our collection. I remember seeing them come through and thinking, “what fun illustrations!” Now I’ll have to get it on hold and give it a read! Thanks, Sarah

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