From the Weeded Stacks…

December 18, 2008

So, as you know, every item that gets weeded and not discarded gets sent to the selector to look at and decide its final fate:  discard, reallocate to a branch or reallocate to the ROT or SEL collections.  Branches have just finished weeding their picture books and their juvenile fiction, so I have A LOT of boxes to go through.  As painful as this is, and it can be quite painful, I’m always finding gems in these boxes: books I remember hearing about or reading a few years ago, books I’ve never heard of that look great, books that fill a niche I’ve been requested to fill, etc.  As I run across notable titles I’m going to share them with you in the hopes that you can help hand-sell them in the branches.

Today I’m looking at a collection of YA short stories called Twice Told: Original Stories Inspired by Original Art. This title jumped out at me because it was a booktalk prsented by one of my Multnomah County Library School Corps co-workers a couple of years ago at our Gotta Read This prsentation of hot new titles for educators.  (And, by the way, School Corps posts their lists and booktalks for this event on their website here.)

As its title suggests, this collection of short stories is inspired by original works of art.  Each drawing gets two unique stories written about it by two different YA authors.  It’s a great concept and would be a great starting point for encouraging young (or old!) aspiring writers.  The authors of this collection include top names in the genre:  Sarah Dessen, John Green, M.T. Anderson, Nancy Werlin, Alex Flinn, Margaret Peterson Haddix, David Lubar, William Sleator, Ellen Wittlinger, Bruce Coville, Audrey Couloumbis and more.  So this would also be a great suggestion for a teen who has read everything by their favorite author and is looking for more.

We have several copies of this title in the system in addition to this one which I’m about to put in the ROT collection (after I read it!)


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