My Best of 2008

January 4, 2009

I’m not going to attempt to predict the award winners here and there are soooo many great books I didn’t get a chance to read this year, so I know my list is incomplete.  These are the juvenile and young adult books that I read in 2008 that stood out to me as great reads.  I’d love to hear what your favorites are, too!

Top 5 picture books: Wave, In a Blue Room, A Couple of Boys have the Best Week Ever, Black Book of Colors, A Visitor for Bear

Best books for younger readers: Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School and Other Scary Things, Benny and Penny in Just Pretend

Top 5 middle grade: The Underneath, Savvy, Graveyard Book, Brooklyn Bridge, Sound Off! The Adventures of Daniel Boom AKA Loud Boy

Top 5 nonfiction: We are the Ship, Nic bishop Frogs, The Trouble Begins at 8, What to do About Alice?, How Strong is it? A Mighty Book About Strength

Top 5 YA: Paper Towns,  My Most Excellent Year, Sweethearts, I know it’s Over, Lock and Key

Best graphic novels: Jellaby, Japan Ai (YA)

Best new series: Darkside by Tom Becker

Best realistic fiction: Waiting for Normal

Best mystery: London Eye Mystery

Best historical fiction (YA): Newes from the Dead

Most original, not sure how to categorize or who to give this book to: My Dad’s a Birdman

Best fluff YA: Luxe series

Best Sci Fi (YA): The Adoration of Jenna Fox

Best picture book that addresses a childhood issue: My Travelin’ Eye,  Honorable mention: Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears

Best novel in poems: Diamond Willow

Best book I haven’t finished: inkdeath

Best book that lived up to the hype: Hunger Games

Book that did not live up to the hype: Little Brother

Best audio: Once Upon a Time in the North, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks (YA)  (Honorable mention: Book Thief and Keturah and Lord Death: these were not published this year but I listened to them both this year and they were excellent)

Sequel I’m most afraid to read because the first one was so scary: The Dead and the Gone

Book I most wanted to throw in the trash after finishing: Breaking Dawn

Top 5 I should have read by now: What I saw and How I Lied, The Spectacular Now, The Willoughbys, Chains, Tales of Beedle the Bard


3 Responses to “My Best of 2008”

  1. kellyholmes Says:

    Don’t worry too much about The Dead and the Gone…I would recommend skipping it! It’s horribly written. 😦 Maybe it was rushed after Life As We Knew It?

  2. sarah Says:

    Oh, that’s good to know. Life As We Knew It was so great but so scary and depressing, I didn’t think I could handle anymore of that!

  3. Jen Says:

    I *loved* Sweethearts and Lock and Key… because they get lumped into a romance category, I don’t think those books get the second look they deserve.

    I am currently reading The Spectacular Now. I am only two chapters in, and already love it!

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