When the Whistle Blows

May 21, 2009

whistleI received an ARC (advance reading copy) of When the Whistle Blows by Fran Cannon Slayton. The cover* didn’t blow me away and I probably would not have read it except it had several glowing blurbs and I’d read a rave review on the Fuse #8 blog. Ellen Hopkins (Crank,) compares it to Jack London, William Golding and Robert Louis Stevenson. It reminded me of the movie Stand by Me, but it’s been so long since I saw it, I’m not sure the comparison is apt. The book will be published in June and is in the catalog awaiting your holds. It’s a great, old fashioned story about family, friends, and change. I think it will be equally appealing to boys and girls who are looking for more a mellow read. Read a review of it here. Is it too early for Newbery buzz?

* interesting note on the cover: the cover image I swiped from Fuse #8’s Penguin preview post is more vibrant and has more contrast than my ARC cover.  The ARC cover is a big blop of browns in which the train completely blends in and there is no bright blue sky or pink clouds.  Hopefully they’ll go with the more vibrant cover.


One Response to “When the Whistle Blows”

  1. Yeah … that cover … if the book sells, maybe they’ll release it in a more inviting edition. Not supposed to “judge” the thing that way, but who doesn’t?

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