Gifted Series

July 21, 2009

giftedOn its way to the branches is a new series called Gifted. It has the look of a YA series, and many libraries have it in their YA areas, but it was reviewed for middle schoolers and I read the first two in the series and it will definitely appeal more to a tween audience than high schoolers.

The series is about a class of “gifted” students at a middle school who are all gifted in different ways. One girl can become invisible, one can see the future, one boy can make things move with his mind. The teacher of the class tries to teach the kids how to control and appreciate their gifts. The first two books focus on Amanda, the most popular girl in school who also happens to be a body snatcher. When she inhabits the body of one of the students in the gifted class, her secret is out (among the gifted class only,) and she is reassigned to the class, much to her horror.

I think this series would be perfect for the tween who might not be ready for the Twilight series, but wants something paranormal with an edgier cover.

UPDATE: Here’s a good review of this book.


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