Catching Fire…

September 1, 2009

*UPDATE*  Check out this interview with the author, Suzanne Collins, from  Tuesday’s All things Considered.

…is in the building! If you’re waiting as anxiously as I am for the sequel to The Hunger Games, your wait is almost over! (Well, if you’re towards the beginning of the 90 patron holds queue.) If you’d like to increase your chances of reading the book sooner, you could put the CD on hold, there are only 7 holds on 4 copies. I listened to The Hunger Games on CD, and I really enjoyed the narrator. If you haven’t read The Hunger Games, get it on hold now, there are 46 holds on 16 copies of the book and 2 holds on each of 4 copies of the CD and AP versions. Check out this NPR link to read or listen to an excerpt from chapter 2 of Catching Fire. (Why not chapter 1??)


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