Coming Soon to Your Library…

October 27, 2009

burpA Second is a Hiccup by Hutchins.  Explains time from seconds, (a hiccup, spinning in a circle once,) to a minute, (singing a short song,) all the way to a year.

Islands of the Blessed by Nancy Farmer, the final book in the Sea of Trolls Trilogy.  The book and the audiobook both already have holds.

How Loud Can You Burp? by Murphy.  (As loud as a motorcycle!) This follow-up to Why is Snot Green? continues to answer real questions asked by kids like: why do we get goosebumps?  Includes a pretty lengthy section on questions regarding climate change, like where will be the best place to live?

Also, why the sudden influx of Toy Story books?  Toy Story and Toy Story 2 have been re-released to theaters in 3-D.


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