New YA Classics

December 4, 2009

I was browsing the new book trucks yesterday and stumbled upon new editions of Pride & Prejudice and Romeo & Juliet.  They are published by HarperTeen and they are completely playing off the popularity and style of the Twilight books.  There is also an edition of Wuthering Heights (shown at left,) that is already in the system and all eight copies are checked out.  I know Stephenie Meyer mentions Wuthering Heights and Romeo and Juliet in the Twilight books…I can’t remember a reference to Pride and Prejudice, though.  In addition to the Twilight-esque covers, these books also feature “Extras” including quizzes (the fun kind, not the boring kind,) Facebook surveys filled out by the characters and other intersing back matter.  Romeo and Juliet starts out with about a 70 page summary of the play written in first person from Juliet’s point of view, a great way to ease into Shakespeare.  The meat of the books is all the original, unabridged text, so these can be used for school assignments/people who want to read “the real thing.”  I think HarperTeen is really on to something with this new teen-friendly packaging since, really, we all judge books by their covers!


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