Caldecott and Newbery Booklist Closeout!

January 11, 2010

The big awards will be announced next Monday morning and I will be submitting a graphics request for updated Newbery and Caldecott booklists.  Those won’t arrive in your locations for a month or more, so now is your chance to stock up on the 2009 lists!  I still have quite a few of both of these booklists left and I’d rather not have to recycle them all.  Would you like to use some in displays in the next couple of months?  Let me know and I’ll send you some.  I have so many of these left, I’m wondering if these would be better as printable electronic lists?  What are your thoughts?  Do patrons need easy access to printed Caldecott and Newbery booklists, or could we move them online and save money and trees?


3 Responses to “Caldecott and Newbery Booklist Closeout!”

  1. Heather (and Ruth) Says:

    Having the Newbery and Caldecott in a visually pleasing pdf (or similar format) that we could print off easily would be nice. We see people take the printed versions — especially of the Newbery — so a small number of those would be good but they’re not needed in the large numbers we’ve gotten in the past. People don’t tend to ask us about the Caldecott unless they’re in a Children’s Lit class. A return of the graded booklists would be welcome — we would be more than willing to exchange FVRL backed Caldecott/Newbery lists for them! 😉

  2. Barbara Jorgenson Says:

    Patrons DO like lists. They gobble them up. I’d be happy enough if we printed fewer numbers, though. Up to now, we have displayed Newbery books with a list stuck inside. We could easily move away from that and just stick a note in it with “Newbery” printed at the top, so patrons can easily see that it is a winner, and just have a few lists with all the titles next to the display. That way we would use a lot fewer of these printed lists.

  3. Julie Erickson Says:

    I like the idea of printable lists.

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