Manga: the Gateway Books

January 12, 2010

I’ll admit that in the past I was not a huge fan of popular series being made into graphic novels,  (Babysitters Club, Warriors, Nancy Drew…), but I’ve been converted.  When I was working at VA’s YS desk last week (I do one 2-hour shift a month,) a boy came up looking for the latest Warriors novel.  He was clearly a voracious reader and made a comment about his mom trying to limit his reading in favor of eating and sleeping.  I thought to myself, Oh, he’s such a great reader, I bet he doesn’t know about the Warriors manga books, but that might satisfy him until his hold comes in!  When I asked if he was familiar with them him and his mom nodded enthusiastically.  While he went off to read, his mom explained to me that he used to hate reading until he found the Warriors manga books.  Those quickly led him to the Warriors novels, and he’s now a reading maniac.  Very cool!


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