January 26, 2010

The graded kids booklists have been replaced by the author and series based lists that work for a broader age range.  I know there has been some patron confusion about this when patrons look for the older grade-based lists.   Of course, each reader is different and these are just rough guidelines.  The idea with the broader age range lists is that kids will be able to find something on the list within their reading level and won’t feel stigmatized if they’re not reading books from their grade leveled list.  Also, publisher and review journals review books for age ranges, not specific grade levels/ages, so we are just following their lead.  I’m happy to talk to any patrons who are upset about this change.

For your information, here is the list of booklists that are up to date and in print and the approximate age range they are aimed at.

Caldecott winners
Newbery winners
YRCA winners
Books for Babies & Toddlers (under 3)
Books for Preschoolers (3-5 age range)
Beginning Readers (5-7)
Next Step: Chapter Books (6-8)
Tween Reads (ages 8-12)
Middle School Reads (middle school)
Teen Reads bookmark (high school)
Just the Good Stuff bookmark (high school)
Lists in progress:
Vampire Reads for Tweens (ages 8-12)
Christian Fiction for Tweens (ages 8-12)
Please let me know if you have feedback on the lists and especially if you would like an age or grade range displayed prominently on the lists (when they’re reprinted.) Any booklists that have not been updated in the past 2 years should be recycled.  Please let me know if you think a list needs to be updated and reprinted.


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