Latest Wimpy Kid

February 19, 2010

The latest book from Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney is The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary.  It’s on order and in the catalog and will be released mid-March.  The movie opens March 19th.  Has anyone seen The Lightning Thief movie?


5 Responses to “Latest Wimpy Kid”

  1. Judith Mason Says:

    Yes, I’ve seen the “Lightning Thief”. I took my grandsons. One has read the series, one has not. The one that had not read the series, thought it was great. The one that had, had reservations. He said it was good but they left to much out. I read the series. I approached the movie as a version of the book. I too was disappointed. It didn’t present any of the mythology, which is what the books are all about.

  2. Nancy Kelley Says:

    I went to see the movie opening weekend. While I was standing in line waiting for popcorn, I struck up a conversation with a 12 year old girl who was pretty fatalistic–“They’re going to ruin it… they always do.” She was mostly right.

    My impression is that the screenwriters only read the first book, not the entire series. There are many things they left out or changed that will cause them problems further down the road. I was also very disappointed with their portrayal of Annabeth, who went from the brave, brainy daughter of Athena to a sword-wielding hot chick who seemed more like the daughter of Xena, Warrior Princess.

    That being said, Percy was fantastic and all the technical aspects of the film were very well-done. I haven’t decided if I’ll watch the rest of the series or not.

    • sarah Says:

      Ugh, why can’t they leave the characters alone? How nice it could have been for girls to see some of themselves in Annabeth instead of a stylized, sexualized, Hollywood version. I’m glad you were able to find some redeeming qualities in the film…I wonder if I can wait for this to come out on DVD or if the special effects really need the big screen to be appreciated?

      • Nancy Kelley Says:

        After some thought, I would recommend seeing it on the big screen. The visual effects were excellent, particularly in the way Percy controlled the water.

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